The Eyeliner: Makeup Tips And Trends

The eyeliner: makeup tips and trends

Eyeliner bends to your every whim. It gives you a look and colorful design or a pin-up look.

The smoky eye or Brigitte Bardot look "chic" to Audrey Hepburn continues to this day, to bewitch. Their secret: the eyeliner. This reveals your eyes glamor cat. More or less thick, the line of eyeliner fits all circumstances. The must: cosmetic brands offer, now, a color palette ultra-flashy. But, many women often consider its application as too complicated. To remove your preconceived, here are the keys with ease to ask your eyeliner and choose colors bewitching.

Choosing the type of eyeliner

Brush, felt or pencil, eye liner comes in various forms for a result and a different application each time.

• The pencil
Easy to install, the pen allows you to make the route several times. It emphasizes finesse your look. Moreover, this eyeliner offers a range of colors amazing. Only drawback, it takes less time than the eyeliner brush or felt.

• Felt
The eye liner eye liner felt is ideal for novices. In a single pass, the line is perfect. Its layout is thicker than that achieved using a brush. The tip tends, indeed, to crash into the lid when you stretch the line of eyeliner. To refine, blend it with a brush or a foam tip.

• The brush
The brush is for makeup artists confirmed. It requires a complete mastery of gesture. But ultimately, this line of eyeliner is incomparable. To standardize the terms, do not forget to put the product on the brush.

Ask done efficiently your eyeliner

Put eyeliner is an art. Complexion, eyebrows, mascara, etc.. every detail is worked to give you a look of doe.

Step 1: A luminous complexion.
Unify your complexion with a base smoothing. Key for good looks, apply a little blush. Then, ask your eye shadow.

Step 2: Perfect eyebrows.
Your eyebrows emphasize your eyes. So do not epilating them too. To densify it, use a special pen. Do not forget to comb.

Step 3: Installing the eyeliner.
Shake your tube to distribute the pigments. Then tighten the lid. Your line will be regular and in one step. Note, its thickness depends on the effect you want to achieve. A fine line along the lash expand your look, for example.
  1. The first feature. Follow the natural shape of the eye. To do this, place the tip of your eyeliner as close to the eyelashes. Stretch your line starting from the inner corner of the eye outward. For the grand finale, remount it slightly upwards. This point will open your eyes. Close, a few seconds, his eyes by the time the product dries. Tips: Draw a light line that you will cover the kohl eyeliner then. Then, when constructing the comma, the eye open.
  2. The second trait. The latter depends on the shape of your eyes. The round eyes: step up the line at the outside of the eye. The almond eyes: thicken it to the middle. Small eyes: step up the outside of the eye up and down.

If burrs, do not panic. Moisten a cotton swab in eye cleansing lotion special. Stretch the eye to properly remove the burr. Then, make a connection eyeshadow before resuming the line.

A fourth step smoky eye

Apply a bead of black kohl on the lower lashes.

Step 5: Mascara.
Place it as close to lashes by pressing the outer lashes for a look all in relief.

Choose the color of eyeliner

The color of your eyeliner is matches the color of your eyes. However, the tone on tone should be avoided. This flattens your eyes and hardens your facial features.

• Blue eyes. Go for the black, if they are dark. For clear eyes and succumb to the gray, plum, navy or brown. However, the green should be prohibited.

• The green eyes. Choose brown, black, plum or charcoal gray.

• The brown or black eyes. You're spoiled for choice. Dark colors will offer you a hypnotic gaze. If you opt for light colors, enhance your makeup not a touch of blush.

• The gray eyes, bet on cold colors such as gray, navy or plum. Green and brown are prohibited.

The eye liner customizes your look

The 80 made their big "comeback" in your makeup bag. Each blink of an eye reveals colorful graphic lines. Turquoise, pink, yellow chick or blue jeans, the colors "pop" version of iridescent or plain, sublime, indeed, your gaze. The 2011 revolution: the smooth texture of your eyeliner. It allows for fast drying and an inevitable result for 24h. Best of all, a waterproof version is also available. Now, your turn!

• The pin-up look. To draw the point, choose a flashy color: pink, purple or green. Draw a line average thicker in the center and going back to the outer corner of the eye.

• The look arty. The markers or pencils offer an ultra-precise track. Perform, for example, a color gradient or make a form design by playing on the lengths and thicknesses of lines. Note, that no shade from mixing, wait for each trace is dry before continuing your work.

NB: Kohl arises inside the eye and not on the eyelid.