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Eyeliner Makeup Tips

Our eyes are the most prominent feature of our face. So when we apply eye makeup, it not only gives an amazing effect to the eyes but also hides other imperfections on our face. However, you should know the right skills for applying eye makeup or else you may end up spoiling the overall effect of the makeup. Here we have mainly highlighted the makeup tips for eyeliner with some additional tips on eye makeup. This is because the most difficult part of any eye makeup is application of eyeliner.

Makeup Tips for Eyeliner


There are several bright and attractive colors available in eyeliners. Therefore, you get a lot of scope to experiment with the color of the eyeliner. Among all of them, different shades of brown are the most popular. Eyeliner is found in two different forms - liquid and pencil. For the upper lid, liquid eyeliner should be used and for lower lid, you can use pencil eyeliner.

Here are Some of The Best Eyeliner Makeup Tips :

While applying the eyeliner on the upper lid keep it taut and jut out your neck.
Draw a thin line of eyeliner very close to the eyelashes using a slanted brush. Apply eyeliner in both the upper as well as the lower lids.

Always start applying eyeliner from inner side of the eye and move towards the outer side. If you end the line at the corner of the eyes, it will make your eyes look wider.

The strokes for application of eyeliner should be short ones. The line should be drawn into the lash line and not above it.
The line drawn with the liner should be thin and even. You can make it slightly thicker at the corners.

When putting eyeliner on both upper and lower eyelids, care should be taken that the two lines do not meet each other or else your eyes may look smaller.
If you want to add a dramatic effect to your eyes, you can apply the eyeliner in a thick dark line.

For a smokey look, you can pat a little dark eyeshadow on both the eyelids.
Last but not the least, do not apply too much of liner as it gives an artificial look to the eyes. Read more on eyeliner makeup tips.

More Eye Makeup Tips

Along with eyeliner, other eye makeup is also needed to make the eyes look more glamorous. Therefore, we have shared with you some tips on how to apply eye makeup. Prior to application of any eye makeup, you should prepare the eyes with the help of eye base and concealer. Pat some concealer in the under eye region to cover up the dark circles. Then apply base makeup on the eyelid which will help to hold the eyeshadow for a longer time. Now that the base for the makeup is ready, you can use eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. on your eyes.

Makeup Tips, Eyebrows : The eyebrows add expression to our eyes. Hence, while doing eye makeup, we cannot afford to neglect them. Those who are not blessed with natural beautiful eyebrows need to shape them with the help of tweezers or by threading. However, one should keep the natural shape of the eyebrows intact. You should remove those hair that are below the eyebrows. If there are gaps in the eyebrow shape, you can cover the same with a color which is similar or one shade lighter than the original color of the eyebrow. While applying the eye makeup, you can dab a little highlighter on the bone of the eyebrow starting from the middle. Then blend it well with the fingers.

Makeup Tips, Eyeshadow : You should use three different shades of eyeshadow starting from the lids to the eyebrow. Use a light color eyeshadow in the area just above the base of the eyelid. This shade should match with the color of your eyelids. It should be followed by a medium shade. Finally, the dark color eyeshadow should be used in the crease of the eye. Then blend all the three colors properly to get a gorgeous look. After the eyeshadow is applied, it's time to put the eyeliner.

Makeup Tips, Mascara : The final touch of your eye makeup is the mascara. It is used to give a contrasting effect to the eyeshadow. Black and brown are the popular colors of mascara that are being used. However, many other shades are also available and you can try them out. When you apply mascara, start from the root of the eyelash and move ahead. Sweep the wand of the mascara a few times to and fro on the lashes. However, if you prefer a light eye makeup, then use it lightly. Do not forget to put some mascara at the bottom of the eyelashes as well.

I hope you found these eyeliner makeup tips helpful. Among all the eye makeup, eyeliner is most commonly used. The biggest advantage of eyeliner is that even if you are not using eyeshadow and mascara, if you just apply the eyeliner, it makes a lot of difference to your eyes. In order to make your eye makeup look perfect, you need to practice them with a lot of patience.

Source : buzzle.com