Eye Liner Styles

Eye Liner Styles

6 Style Frame Eye with Eyeliner

When dressing, one of which must be applied is cosmetic eyeliner. Outlined in the eye eyeliner can make your eyes become more dramatic and highlight beautiful eyes.

The use of eyeliner are now more diverse. As reported by the All Women Stalk, there are several styles of eyeliner could be the use of recommendations, as well as usage tips.

1. The Natural Look
eyeliner Style  will make your eyes look completely natural. If your eyes are big and want to look smaller, right in line eyeliner brush eyelash growth, thus giving the effect of thick lashes and the eyes look smaller. If the small eyes and want to look great, make a thin line of eyeliner.

2. V Style
Eyeliner styles that shaped V. You do this by giving the pattern a bit thick and tapered at the outer corner of eye. For daytime, the line described does not exceed the eyelid, so natural-looking appearance. For the night, you could outline exceed eyelids.

3. All the Way Around
This eyeliner look quite charming, but not all eye shapes suitable for this style. Small eye eyeliner is not appropriate to use this style, because it makes the illusion of smaller eyes. It is suitable for large eyes. Technique, by making a thick line on the top line of the eyes and thinner at the bottom.

4.Thick and Intense
The key to implementing this style is that after you ran the eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eye, eyeliner brush with a brush (you can use eyeshadow brush) to create a bold effect, but still smooth. You can also add a dark color eyeshadow to complement the beauty of your eyes. Will create a dramatic impression of this style.

5. Cleopatra Tilt
This is a classic style eyeliner, but much preferred. You can outline the eye line of eyeliner at the top and bottom corner of the eye that extends beyond the outer corner of eye and runcingkan. Want to thick or thin, according to your taste. If you want more striking, use a thick line

6. The Smoky Eye
Display this one is a blend of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Of course this is suitable for use when you travel at night. To apply this style, outlined eyeliner pretty thick at the top to the outside corner and gradually thin outline on the bottom of the eye. In order to look not too scary, you should use eyeshadow colors gray or brown. Not only applied eyeshadow on the eyelids, but also under the eye, just below the eyeliner.

That's the advice I offer to you. thank you for reading our article :)
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