How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner

Eyeliner Tips - How to put the pencil eyeliner?

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Can make the application of the eyeliner pencil correctly your eyes see 'more dramatic. Apply eyeliner pencil is much simpler to apply than liquid eyeliner in bright colors. With a little "practice, you get a professional look with a quick run of the pencil.

Pencil Eyeliner Tips

  1. Pick a color which compliments your eye color. With green eyes look good with a brown eyeliner, bronze or sage. Brown eyes well with a brown, sage, or even purple eyeliner. Blue-eyed ladies charcoal can, brown or black eyeliner to choose.
  2. Select Eyeliner that is easy to use. Ask for samples before you buy. Draw a line on the back of the hand to see how much pressure is needed to create a line. Looking to find a pencil, the lack of pressure needed to create a line. The soft pencil, the pencil is better.
  3. Shut one eye. Do not try to hold it closed with your fingers or pull the cover. Tugging and pulling the delicate eye section surface of the skin and can cause premature lines.
  4. Start at the top inside of the eyelid. Draw a line with respect to the eyelashes as close as possible. You can use short strokes, so it is easier for you. Go all the way to the outer corner of the eye. Keep the line thin at the inner corner and thicker outer corner.
  5. Draw a line under the lower lashes, you begin to work with the outer corner of the eye inward. Keep the line near the lash line. Use short strokes even if it is easier, and head towards the inner corner of the eye. In this case also, the thin line to keep the internal angle and more often outside corner.
  6. Removing the line, if you prefer a softer look often. You can use the opposite side of the pencil or the "tip spot" of some eyeliner. A finger sometimes works too. I'm just a little "blur the line in a softer, wider lines with short strokes.