How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

10 Tips How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

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The application of liquid eyeliner because many puzzles to many of us. This is really not easy to apply and succeed at first. It often takes lots of practice, and even then, do not have the shakes that day, because if not has failed every time. So to help you, here's a list of 10 tips to apply liquid eyeliner, make easier the realization of this thankless task, but gives great results!
  1. Never stretch your eyelid unless you have an eyelid mature, because the feature will not take the exact shape of your eye when you return to the starting position, your stroke will be uneven.
  2. Keep a neutral expression so as not to distort your natural features, do not go look surprised.
  3. Do you benchmarks with an eye before creating the line with the eye closed. When our eyes are closed, we can see how high do the little hook at the outer corner of the eye, which can give a line that pulls down and therefore look sad. It is also quite possible to apply some parts with the eye half-open. It is much easier to follow the shape of the eye.
  4. Do not make the line in one fell swoop. It is in this case we made the most mistakes. Make a drawing numbers and draw several smaller lines to each section of your eye. You can even start by making several small dots flush with your lashes, you will come-connect them afterwards.
  5. Remember to remove excess eyeliner brush or felt tip before application. An overflow of product can easily spoil a stroke. If you do not like the brush included in eyeliner because he applied too much product or simply because it is difficult to handle, if desired, (especially for beginners) you can also take an eyeliner brush in beveled or square end that you buy separately, and you soak the eyeliner by painting using your original eyeliner brush (product transfer).
  6. The shape of the line should be thinner in the inner corner of the eye and widening to outer corner. To do this, press less hard on the brush at the beginning and press harder and harder as you move away to the outside.
  7. If you make small mistakes, try the makeup correction pens. This is actually a marker that delivers ultra-precise just the right solution for cleansing liquid to make corrections and retouches localized. Suggestions: Make-Up Mavala Corrector Pen. The product comes with 3 refill tip, giving a very long life (about 6 € / 9 $ CA) Kryolan (brand for professionals) Corrector Pen (around € 8 / $ 13 CA), Revlon Make Up Eraser Pen (around € 5 / $ 8 CA), Sephora makeup eraser (about 6 € / $ 15 CA). If not, use cotton swabs to pointed tip.
  8. There are several types of liquid eyeliners. Try different ones to see which one suits you best. To start, I recommend always felt versions, which are easier to apply. If you opt for the brush, know that over the brush is fine, the application will be more easy and accurate. Here are some recommendations of eyeliner pens: Almay Liquid Eyeliner Pen to eyes (around $ 6,39), Lancome Art Liner (around $ 74,00), L'Oreal Intense Liner (around $ 7,97), Almay Liquid Eyeliner (around $ 1,50), etc..
  9. Sit in a comfortable, if possible near a table or desk, to allow your elbow to rest on a surface. Your hand will be more stable.
  10. Do not despair. The more you do, you will be more comfortable, it will be more rapid, easier and the result will be beautiful. It's like anything, the secret is practice.

And you, what are your tips-for the application of liquid eyeliner? Do you have trouble or you're an expert?