How To Wear Eye Makeup Styles When Wearing Glasses?

How to wear eye makeup styles when wearing glasses?

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Not really easy to wear eye makeup when wearing loupes on the nose. For the perfect smoky eye flawless, follow our tips makeup.

The goal: A harmonious and appropriate makeup that enhances your eyes.

Before entering your kohl pencil, there is a rule to follow to the letter: every problem requires a particular makeup. In the same way that the myopic and hyperopic do not wear the same glasses, makeup must differ from their eyes.

The specially designed glasses for myopes have a nasty tendency to shrink the eyes. Your makeup should compensate for this disability for a look enlarged.
Play with light eye shadow, preferably white, ivory and pastel on the inner corner of the eye, and a darker shade on the outer corner. Your best ally is the kohl pencil. Highlight only the top of your eye with a stroke, you are doing slightly above and to open up the eyes. Add a layer curving or lengthening mascara and voila!

If however you are farsighted, your glasses have a magnifying effect and give the impression of an oversized look. Fortunately, a good eye makeup you will get the balance right. Start by treating your base , dark circles and fine lines are accentuated by an optical illusion. Then play with clear makeup - beige, ivory, gray - preferably matte, you take care to fade. Avoid mascara that magnifies the eye, or the thick line of eyeliner that seem too big.

In general, when wearing glasses, it is recommended to choose the makeup of the mouth than the eyes. Choose a frame that dress alone your eyes and dare the flashy colors and pop on your lips: pink, red, burgundy or even orange.

Pay attention to your eyebrows too. Far from being incidental, they structure your face. So make sure to carefully remove hair for a look highlighted.

by: Catherine Brezeky
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