6 Tips To Succeed Her "Cat Eye Makeup"

6 tips to succeed her "Cat eye makeup"

Angelina Jolie is known for her work, her style, her fashion style and also her cat eye makeup, you can have the same result by using inexpensive eye makeup like L'Oreal and Gemey. The cat eye makeup has been around for hundreds of years, indeed long before the stars of today already Cleopatra wore this style of makeup.

Follow these beauty tips on how to use the liner and mascara to create what you look so sensual.
  1. This eye makeup styles starts with a crucial choice. You must decide if you want to accomplish this task with a liquid liner or pencil. If you do not have the habit of using these kinds of liner, you should use the pencil which is much easier to apply. To understand what works best for you, this is a great idea to try both. You can also find pencils liquid eyeliners are the best instruments in the world and offer you an application and a unique color. If you choose this option, make sure it is as short as possible, so you'll have more control. You can choose any type of color although it is clear that black is the color that best.
  2. However before starting with the liner, you must prime the surface of your eyelid. Most women do not use eyeshadow too daring when applying "cat eye makeup". So, choose a shade fairly neutral makeup and all your eyelid before starting with the eyeliner. A shimmering shade can help you get the sexy look you want.
  3. After your eyeliner, you install a mirror in front of you. The best thing is to have a mirror so well see what you do. After all, when you apply your eyeliner you want to be able to see clearly what you do!
  4. Start at the inner corner of the eye and drag your eyeliner to the outer corner. The most important thing is to draw the line as close to the lash line.
  5. When you reach the end of the lash line, you can slightly raise the line back toward the temple. The line length depends on you, but do not do too much.
  6. After perfectly applied eyeliner, it's time to take care of your lashes. To look even more sensual, you can put on false eyelashes, the effect is guaranteed. If you do not want to try false eyelashes, just started using an eyelash curler. Maintainer into place and 10 seconds after application of black mascara on the lashes. Then let it dry and do the same for the other eye. Once it is dry, add another layer of mascara and voila you have managed your makeup.