Thick Eyeliner

How to apply thick eyeliner

Hello! This is and we'll show you a few tips to help a little. Now we will show how to apply a thick eyeliner. We will use the gel eyeliner for this use, but this method can be used with a pencil or liquid liner liner.

This is the same. What we recommend is for a brush and angle that one can get from almost anywhere to use and the reason is that we work with the corners of your eyes and you'll see what we do when we mean it started. You take your product and in this case we will use our hands when the ceiling go, we are to take out more than product, make sure that the product is even on both sides.

Okay, so I'm going to start, as I said, with the right angle to the brush on lashes and in the middle of the eye. And we did exactly the same begging of the eyes and we just push a product, I do not know the bullying brush at all, I'm really okay to hit enter and it will be a step.

Okay, open your eyes to please me, so you can see, you have a boat for our very thin there. All you have to do now is pretty much fill the line. So it depends on how thick eyeliner to be your ship, but in this case, we will only make it thick eyeliner enough for the purpose of this video and I just want the angle brush again and I'll make a point of angle in the direction of the eyebrows and I will support it quite well as touching up parallel to the top.

And remember, we have a line there, so all we need to do, follow the line that we do, done over and over again. So if we start from the eye to the front you will find that the line is thicker eyeliner and that's what you want. Okay, so apply a little lively on the product and is now back in the middle and toward the center.

That's it. Okay, open your eyes to please me. Ok, that is thick eyeliner close your eyes.

Now I will use the angle brush line that connected the line and get your eyelashes will push down like this, or you can just use the colors so make sure that there is no space between the line width and your eyelashes. Ok, and then animated, and you will have to do as often as you think.

Well, what do we, the line is even more. And OK, now I'm just doing a lot, it's up to you if you want to do this or you want a less wrong it is to create up to you. And we do, how you take the thick eyeliner.