Liquid Eyeliner Review

Jordana Liquid Eyeliner Review

Whether to Buy or Not : Jordana Liquid Eyeliner Review

I have used this eyeliner twice within my living ,as it is readily available & seriously cheap .Moreover the black colored i receive with this really amazing ,not too bright or false .The black colored really really helps to define the eyes.

Price : 150 tk.available at almas, nandan all cosmatic stores.

Shades : as far as i know this liner is available at 4 shades : blue 3.ocean frost 4.dark brown.

I have used the dark 1 twice .Both of times i m really really disappointed using this product. No matter how wonderfully it define my eyes ,i m very very disappointed the product.

Pros :
1.Nice color for defining eyes. the brush.Thin & easily applicable.This brush helps to define both thin & wide lines.

This is how the brush looks :

Cons :

1.I think the best quality of a makeup product is how long it stays.Unfortunately this liner cant even stay on eye for an just broke off in the middle of the line after 30 to 35 minutes.Which is the biggest drawback of this product. created itching on my eyelids.
3.Its flaky & breakable.

I am really disappointed with this.I am not gonna buy this one again.But i m going to keep the brush which will help me to line my eyes with other liner.

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