Eyeliner Tips

Tips to use eyeliner

Tips to make the most of the eyeliner. The role of eyeliner is that they look bigger and expressive, eye focusing and enhancing its color. Continue down to see eyeliner tips:

1 - Color.  The eyeliner color should complement your eyes, but in fashion makeup and often in young people is a lot of freedom in the colors that can be used. The brown, smoky or black go well with most people and you should experiment to determine which is best for your eyes.In green eyes can wear shades of brown, purple and copper, blue eyes can use shades of blue, brown or purple.You can use white eyeliner to create special effects such as larger eyes.

2 - Style. Your kind of makeup determines how and how much eyeliner you used. The makeup at night requires thicker lines on the eyelids, the casual use little eyeliner makeup with fine lines in the upper eyelid only. For work you can make up with a soft tone, midline using one or both eyelids, depending on your personal style.

3 - Presentations; eyeliner come in powder such as shadows; in pencil the most common and easy to use, and in liquid or gel. To use the liquid eyeliner must have some experience and good hand eyeliner Apply yourself.

4 - The liquid eyeliner is generally used only in the upper eyelid

5 - The smaller the upper lid must be less thick line of eyeliner.

6 - Professional makeup is not recommended to use eyeliner inside the eye level of the risk of infection.

7 - It is recommended to make a line not so thick that it becomes the focal point of the makeup; the focus must be the eyes and expression.

8 - If you close your eyes with dark eyeliner (make a complete circle around the eye) your eyes look smaller. If you want to outline the whole eye liner uses a light tone.

9 - When you apply the liner opens his mouth slightly to relax the eye muscles.