Kohl Pencil Eyeliner

How to put the kohl pencil eyeliner?

The eyeliner, must of femininity exists in several forms and is placed on various parts of our eyes as the lining for a light rock, or on the lash line for a burlesque look glamorous. For many years and in many cultures, the liner or kohl pencil eyeliner is part of the a-tugging beauty of women.

The various materials existing of eyeliner

For one of eyeliner whether for the mucosa or the eyebrow line, there are several tools makeup between kohl pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, kohl powder from the east and the gel eyeliner.
But they have a destination most appropriate for each of them and kohl pencil eyeliner and kohl powder are generally ideal for lining. Unlike the liquid eyeliner or gel version is optimal for the lashes of eyeliner.
They are all easy to find and easy to use except perhaps for the kohl powder. To install a liner in the mucosa they do a very fat kohl pencil eyeliner to mark it as well and lasts longer without sinking.

Just pull the rings down for better access to the mucosa and gently apply all along without too much pressure. To put the eyeliner close to the lash on the eyelid several techniques exist eyes closed or eyes open according to habit or the ability of each.
For beginners it is best to do eye closed, to better control the plot, draw the outside of the eye in order to have a flat surface. Then just apply the eyeliner at the lash line, making a greater or lesser degree depending on the desired effect, but without change in thickness. To avoid unsightly and inconsistent effect can then be added at the end of line, an extension glamor with a nice curve pointing eyebrows.

I think

I recommend and prefer the gel liner that is applied with a brush, most of this product lasts longer in duration. A pot of gel liner can last more than 8 months even in daily use. And it also takes better throughout the day without transfer.
You can vary the brushes used depending on the desired trait. In addition, the gel eyeliner is not allergenic and therefore can also be applied to the mucosa and a painted and lasts much longer without fading than traditional kohl pencil eyeliner.