Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense

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New Intense Eyeliner Clinique Quickliner

When make-up are many products in which we place our confidence as your warranty will depend on obtaining an excellent result. This result involves security as a test of allergy concerns, and aesthetic aspects, among which an optimal and lasting finish. If we are talking about painting over the eyes, all these guarantees must be multiplied to an infinite way.

The prestigious cosmetics brand Clinique pharmaceutical Quickliner it introduces its new For Eyes Intense. A product that will be your perfect partner to outline your eyes and get any look that you propose. An article, as its range is subjected to very extensive allergy testing and guarantees to be made one hundred percent without perfumes. This makes it a tool that can be used by people with sensitivity in the eye area.

Quickliner For Eyes Intense eyeliner Clinique is a machine that is now presented much more pigmented, so you can get a higher intensity in each plot. Slides easily to avoid braking and trips that may favor the exit of the line or you notice that it has been made in several installments. The formula is super silky, thanks to which is always ready to shape and define. Also do not need pencil sharpener, as being a mechanical pencil just have to make a simple turn to enjoy a new tip.

Paint the eyes will be now a task easily and with compensation, already that the stroke gives you the new Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense remains intact for 12 hours thanks to its formula of long duration that does not move. An essential article in your makeup kit and you can get in 4 beautiful shades of unsurpassed intensity : Black (black), Chocolate (chocolate brown), Ivy (Ivy) and Charcoal (charcoal).