Different Types Of Eye Liners

Check out the different types of eye liners out there, and see which best suits your needs.

Eyeliner pencil are the most common and comfortable to wear, but here are some tips that I can suggest:
  • Always check that has a slightly rounded tip, apart from getting a perfect delineated, also avoid your eyes hurt you.
  • When you want to debug, just enough to spend a cotton swab.
    Liquid Liner: These are ideal for those finishes in your dramatical eyes, the only problem is that you must be very judicious in its use, check out these tips:
    • Do not forget that outlined starting with the inner eye area moving away from a single pass.
    • Different liquid eyeliner applicators as brush-tipped, tipped with brushes down and high precision.
      Gel Liners: These are intermediate between liquids eye makeup and eye makeup pencils. Use the same technique as in the liquid, but sometimes you have to buy the applicator separately, depending on the brand. The beauty of this option is the amount of colors available.