How To Apply A Trio Of Eyeshadows?

How to apply a trio of eye shadows?

You noticed, brands often sell their eyeshadows by three. In applying, you know. Two, to the limit. But three? There are several techniques for applying makeup three (on the same eye of course). Here is one I call "the technique of V".

Here our trio that comes from home and Nature Discoveries. Silvery white, one gray and one black. The red side, it's lip. Any eye shadow trio consists of a light color, a medium and a dark. Even if your trio does not have exactly the colors shown in the photo, the technique works for everyone.

First, apply the lightest color on the whole eyelid, from lash to brow. This color is used both as a basis for the two other cosmetics and illuminator. Insist so much under the eyebrow to open up your eyes. The maneuver is quite easy, you can afford to use your fingers to the application.

Then ask the average color of the entire eyelid, ie the lash to crease. The operation is more difficult, because the area is smaller, so I recommend using a brush to prevent overflow. If the delineation is not perfect, it does not matter.
 We come to the tricky part: the "V". With a fine brush or an angled brush, take the darkest shadow. Draw a flattened V or L (depending on the term you prefer) with a line that skims the lashes and one that follows the crease. Traits must stop a little before the middle of the eyelid. If the features are not perfect, it does not matter: it is not applying the eyeliner!

Take the dark shadow and fill the area bounded by two lines of "V". The result should be similar to that shown in the picture. For now, it looks like nothing, but do not worry. For now, it is fair to ask the color before the format.

Using a brush, blend the blush and shuffle them. Make small circular movements. At the end of this operation, you should see more delineation between the three blushes.

To balance the look, apply a small amount of dark color under the eye. Take your brush and do follow the lower lash line. If you put too much color in the eye, that will give him something falling or tired. Keep a light hand!

And here is the result of close. In the photo, this is a rather light makeup, so for the day. You can opt for something more sophisticated stressing a little about the black and the less blurring.

After a stroke of mascara, a little blush and lipstick (who was in the palette), here's the total look "Japanese" of Nature and Discoveries.