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Makeup with glitter 2012

More and more girls who want to break and innovate with your makeup, whether for day or night. In this sense, one of the trends that drew attention late last year and probably will step 2012 is strong this glitter makeup.

For those who do not know, the glitter is the same as that which some know as glitter or glitter, and is an ideal complement to give a touch to your makeup at night or to get a look full of fantasy.
Already we have seen many young and daring celebrities like Avril Lavigne or Kesha, but now need to be more of us to take the leap at street level. No need to choose the most striking colors or to apply it across the face, because you also have the opportunity to take in other ways much more subtle.

If you're going to apply evening makeup should first think about your look: if you bring a sophisticated and want to make a highlight, then use a liner with glitter on the eyelashes or a touch of glitter with a shadow in silver or gold, for example, in the area of ​​the tear.

The casual looks of the youngest accept all types of applications, from glitter eyeliner colors to shades applied over the entire eyelid or lower lash line.

If you are the type who prefers to spend more unnoticed, nothing better than to make a glitter gloss (colored or not, that will go to your taste).

Okay, maybe not a great idea to use every day, but it's more for the night!