Asian Eyeliner Styles

Asian Eyeliner Styles - Makeup for Asians

Find all our makeup tips that sublimate the Asian beauty.

The makeup of Asian skin

To brighten the complexion Asian, avoid the pinkish tones that will give the skin a greyish shades too light, that will "mask effect" unnatural.

Golden beiges are perfect for Asian skin. But there are also products dedicated to this type of beauty in perfumery.

To effect a "porcelain doll", you should opt for a foundation whose color is a bit below the natural skin tone. To hide dark circles, choose a concealer transparent yellow.

The blush should be applied under the cheekbones and will be pink, plum, coral or peach with a little satin or pearl effect, in order to further illuminate the complexion.

Asian eye makeup

To sublimate their eyes , Asian women should concentrate on the kohl eyeliner on. Like their eyelashes are very thin, they must first apply eyeliner on the eyelid, from one extremity to another, giving a curved shape on the corners of the eyes.

The eye shadow is to be filed over the eyelid and around the corners of the eyes. It will focus on dark colors: brown, plum, gray, black ... (See our article on eye makeup brown ).

Asian women generally have few visible eyelashes. They will have to opt for a mascara that curls and gives them a lot of thickness (and volume), for false eyelashes or for eyelash extensions .

The kohl applied to the inside of the eye will tend to shrink more the size of the eyes generally small. However, this can also sublimate look. It will be case by case and according to the desires!

Marking lips Asian

The mouth is usually full of Asian and well designed. Thus, women with this morphotype can afford almost everything in terms of lipstick and gloss !

However, certain colors will enhance the mouth more than others: the reds, purples, coppers, oranges,. Good to know: no need to invest in a lip pencil, because their natural trait is already on top!